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Tekken 3!
Best Fighthing Game of the Year
( Only for PlayStation )
     The story so far is this: Jun Kizama, the ribbon-haired ass-kicker from Tekken 2, now has a son named Jin, who wants to kick butt just like mama. He soon gets his chance when Heihachi, who's leading an excavation team into the jungles of Central America, unearths the mysterious God of Fight, who eats the souls of B martial artists. High in fiber, I guess. Anyway, Heihachi knows good competition when he sees it, and he decides to throw a tournament to lure the god into battle. Meanwhile, the God of Fight battles Jun, and since Jin is too young to fight him, he escapes and trains with Heihachi in order to avenge his dear old ma.
With that storyline in our belts, we headed to Namco to see the 60% cabinet version of the game ourselves, and get a little play time in. The graphics were already top-notch, although we were told that they were going to get even better. The crisp, clean polygons moved as smoothly and as efficiently as they did in Tekken 2, and some new moves, like Lei's Crane and DrunkenMaster moves, were a joy to behold.
The game played a lot like Tekken 2, with multi-hit button tap combos. But even the old characters, like King and Paul, have a vast array of new moves, like King's groin-separating throw. The three new characters we saw (Jin, Xiaoyu, and Hwoarang) all sported new moves and countermoves that are going to make the game a huge success.
There isn't much to report on sound and music, since the cabinet volume was so low, but the backgrounds looked spectacular. There's kind of a 3D-ish look to them, somewhat similar to VF3's, but not as polished or multi-leveled (remember in VF3 that you could move from level to level in the background when walking up steps or sand dunes?). The three new fighters looked great (none of the sub-bosses were in yet). The female, Xiaoyu, had some cool moves that were executed from a low swooping stance. One of the other characters, Hwoarang, played a lot like Baek from Tekken 2, with kicks being his primary offense. He had some great juggles using just his feet. Jin played a lot like Kazuya, but was a lot faster, and his hits were more lethal. That's all I can tell you for now.