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Music Reviews: 1 of 2

   Rating: 5.5 out of 7

  The music "Firestarter" by Prodigy is a hit.  It became no. 1 techno music in U.K. and England.  The beat of the music is very vibrant and high techno to listeners.  It would realyy pump up your ear drums.  Every techno lovers would like the song and the album.  The song is all beats and loops their is not a lot of lyrics ( most of ita  are all repetition).  But that is the greatness of techno music because it has no limit.  The entire mixing is good.  It is like they know what they're doing.  The song was one of the background sound of the game of PlayStation "WipeOut XL".  The game was good thanks to the techno music of the song.  It is one of the best sound used in the game.  So I rate the music 4  up.