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Movie Review: 2 of 2

   Mortal Kombat -- Annihilation
    (PlayStation,Nintendo64,Snes,Sega,Saturn, PC)

Rating:  6.9 of  8

    The movie was exhilarating and action-packed up to the end.  The movie was about the battle against good and evil.  The underworld emperor "Shao Kahn" started taking over the world.  He started killing millions of people through his army.  Mortals have been chosen (from the previous tournament) by the thunder god  named "Rayden", Liu Kang was chosen to be their leader of the mortals.  The emperor of the underworld have cheated he plan to merge the two worlds (underworld and earth).  According to Ryden he would become unstoppable if he succeded.  It is up to Liu Kang to stop the emperors  evil plan.  The story was good.  The fighting scene was one of the best.  The only thing that is wrong in the movie is that the all the characters have no time to eat.  They haven't eaten for an entire and they still capable of fighting strong opponent.