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Celebrity Interview:

" Question: What games does some celebrities wants to play with?"

    We asked a lot of celebrities and asked them what's their favorite
game for any game system and here what they have to say:

Bruce Willis:  Well, I like that shooting game Virtua cop 2 of Saturn
it is much better than my game "Die Hard"-arcades.

Tom Cruise:  I like that Ace Combat for PlayStation because it has a great simulation of a real aircraft.

Bill Gates:  To tell you the the truth I like that game Final Fantasy 7 of PlayStation because it is hard to solve.

Keanu Reeves:  Love that new fighting game of PlayStation "Tekken 3".
it really rocks!!

Michael Jordan:  For me,  NBA Shout out 98 and VR Golf.

Michael J. Fox:  Mario 64 and Mario Cart 64 for Nintendo 64

Sandra Bullock: Well for me, Tomb Raider 1 & 2. I really like Laura Croft

Spice Girls:  We all love SailorMoon for PlayStation !!! Girl Power!!!

Vanessa Williams:  Wave Race 64 of Nintendo 64!!!!

Wayne Gretzky:  I like playing my own game "Wayne Gretzky Hockey for Nintendo 64"