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"Which  one does a person prefer

   Fun or Graphics of the game"

  Every gamers a-like have different views about choosing a game they play.  Some people likes sports game while others prefer hard to solve puzzle game.  And also it varies from other people's lifestyle.  If a person is energetic and always adventurous.  They would always chose sports game like football, basketball, soccer and hockey  and also arcade fighting games.  If a person is always stays in focus and always live a complicated life they would much rather chose puzzle games or RPG (role playing games).  Today, our technology keeps on improving every game keeps on revolving and getting complicated to play.  Computer Programmers  wants to create a perfect game that people would want to play. So that's why the graphics of the game is important.  Almost all of the games today are rated for their graphics not for their fun gameplay.  Games must have a good graphics and details in order to be appreciated.  If a game have a chesy graphics it would usually sunk down to the bottom of the ratings and review.  Most games today use 3-D graphics so that the game would feel "realistic".  For example,  the game that has this is a game called "Tekken 3" all of its graphic are rendered in 3-D.  In the contrary to the graphics, fun gameplay is still important in making a game.  It must be fun to played with.  It must have something that would keep you interesting.  Their still people like simple fun games because of its simplicity and also it is fun.  For example, and old computer game  that many gamers love to play "Tetris", it is simple, fun, and also very educational. (it exercise your mental skils.)