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Music Reviews: 2 of 2

       Blur -  "Song 2"   (Fifa 98: Soccer game)

   Rating: 5 of 7

    The music are for people who are energetic, adventurous  and sporty.  That's what the music has to offer and lots more.  It is also hyped-up song because of its beat starts from slow and ends up fast.  The lyrics are giood (eventhough it's not that quite long).  The song is the theme music of the soccer game "Fifa 98".  The game became good because of its intense realism graphics and heart poundering background music of Blur -"Song 2".  The song sounds good and feels good to the ears.  The bass guitar sound used was just perfect for the song.  The drum rollings are good because it starts from slow to fast.  The vocal artist has that authentic voice that cannot be duplicated by an ordinary person. It has rythmn that is quite sophisticated for head banging audiences.  So I give this rocking song 5 star in the rating scale