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    About the Author:
John Froilan Reyes

Me in Niagara Falls (along time ago!!)
Facts and Fictions

Name: John Froilan Nava Reyes
Birthday: Oct, ?, 19??
Birthplace: Manila (Q.C), Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Nickname: My Friends usually "Froilan" (not  "John!")
Hobbies: Playing Soccer (sometimes), playing video games of PSX (sport,arcade,racing,RPG
              <You name I played it! ), reading computer  magazines (or sometimes other magazines,
               that interest me),  watching movies (at home) and playing table tennis ( "ping-pong" )
Like: Food, Going to the mall, I like almost everthing in the world except "Bill Gates"
Dislikes: (Let me think about that), I don't like sushi
Ambition: To be Somebody in this World
   I would like thank all my friends (You know who you are!) for believing in me that I can do everything if I put my mind to it. I also dedicate this site to a special person that have been a part of my life _ _ _ _ _ _ _(guess who?)
To all the people who have been good to me : <good karma>
 Randy S., Cesar C., Alex C.,Radjae T., Ric Q, Eric Z., Jason C.,Vladimir V., Jericho B.,Ryan de la Pena, Mary Ann G, Nerissa P.,Sheryl D.,Mary Grace Manalo,Catherine ?, Katherine ?,Melanie ?,Rexin M., Jacquelyn G.,Florivic ?, Lorena  ?,Ernelie S.,Renefel R., Renebeth A., Joseph I.,Roxas ?,Jeffrey E.,Jerome P.,Jay Rand ?, Mark Lamb L.,Alberto Tingson, Javier O., Irish Viola, and Leilani V. ( and also to everybody that have known  me for quite sometime sorry if I didn't put your name on the list. You can e-mail me at to put your name on my list.)

   Thanks  to all who have visited this site!! I hope you have enjoyed your stay?

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