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Movie Review: 1 of 2

    Spawn -- (Spawn --Eternal for PlaySation)

Rating: 3 0f 8

    The movie that have been awaited for so long that came out to be a great big disappointment.  The only good about the movie is it has the best special effects of the year.  But it lacks of storyline details.  All of the scene happen very fast that you don't know what's going on.  The story outline basically sucks.  The story  has been used by many film heroes like "Captain America- the movie".  the movie is about one man who seeks vengeance for his injustice death.  He was once a hired killer by the american government.  One time he approached his employer and said that he wanted to quit and start  a new life. So his employer sent him to his last mission and this mission he got killed by him.  He was resurected from the dead by the devil and he was asked to lead his  evil army.  He agreed to the devil because he wanted to see his wife again.  He was given special dark power to use in leading his army.  Now he is out for revenge to kill his ex-employer.  The theme of the movie is about the battle between good and evil and that good will always win against evil.  Many people expect that the movie will be great but it turns out to be a great disappointment.