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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy VII Story
"It has been said that everything in the universe is fundamentally composed of energy. What we think of as matter is really nothing more than a certain type of energy. And since energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely transferred, some speculate that living beings never truly die. Their life energy is simply returned to the universe in its simplest form."

    This is where the story of Final Fantasy VII begins. It seems that an evil power company called Shinra, Inc. has found a way to mine this life energy, draining it from the earth, and using it to control the universe. Fortunately, a resistance organization know as AVALANCHE, has vowed to put an end to Shinra's destructive practices. The story focuses on Cloud, an ex-soldier of Shinra, who teams up with AVALANCHE, and along the way, encounters some very mysterious and powerful allies who help him fight against the deadly creatures Shinra has created to protect its empire. You, as the game player, will decide their fate. Featuring seamless 3D gameplay and animation, Final Fantasy VII contains hundreds of pre-rendered, computer-generated backgrounds and features real-time battles, vast map screens, and a complex and engrossing storyline. Published on three CDs, Final Fantasy VII will be one of the largest and most richly detailed gaming experiences ever created

The New Battle System  
    The new battle system that makes FF VII different from others involves the Limit Break Command and equipping the Materia. The Limit gauge starts to fill up with each attack. Once the gauge is full, each character performs its unique attack (Limit Attack). Materia (Mako crystals) are magic orbs packed with ancient skills and knowledge. Special effects become available to the equipped character. You won't believe what the Summon Monster (called by using the Summon Materia) can do - here's a sneak peek at some of them!